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The final 5 mins of No/Minn was incredible
Lets do this!
Happy Birthday PBR!
Merry Christmas!
erm Christmas ... damn you fat fingers!
Merry Chrustmas to all!
@drains : it is cyber monday after all
Anyone want to cyber?
I was watching a certain movie and it made me thing of a certain guildie. THE DUDE ABIDES (even when not online)
You do not have access to shout.

Vex Thal down in Era!

Gremin a posted May 3, 17

DHS kills Emperor

Gremin a posted Apr 30, 17

Cheryyl Cyraus before the new robe!

Vulak dies in era!

Gremin a posted Nov 23, 16

Grats to all who participated.

___ Congrats!
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