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I was watching a certain movie and it made me thing of a certain guildie. THE DUDE ABIDES (even when not online)
Pabst, you're doing it wrong bro.
i fucking hate holidays especially xmas ... humbug
stuck at work still. dont let knasty steal all the good stuff
Will not be able to make it tonight
Not feeling well folks, won’t make it tonight. Heading to bed
im updated... are you?
Lol no one on my bus knows lily! It was like a 30 minute drive from the Columbus airport and the sheriffs cars saying licking county.
You do not have access to shout.

Vex Thal down in Era!

Gremin a posted May 3, 17

DHS kills Emperor

Gremin a posted Apr 30, 17

Cheryyl Cyraus before the new robe!

Vulak dies in era!

Gremin a posted Nov 23, 16

Grats to all who participated.

___ Congrats!
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