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heck with unstable. they be down.
servers seems to be unstable
Anyone else having issue connecting to slack. It seems to think I am offline....
Stop shouting so much
thx all appreciate the love hope to get back soonish, helth permitting
Ligar prayers headed your way
Sorry to hear Es. Take all the time you need, hope you get better soon.
Damn, sorry to hear it Esdeath. Get on when you can, we are not going anywhere bud.
still tryin to work my way back typing is hard left hand doesnt want to play right guess the stroke effected my hand a little
thx sind
You do not have access to shout.

Vex Thal down in Era!

Gremin a posted May 3, 17

DHS kills Emperor

Gremin a posted Apr 30, 17

Cheryyl Cyraus before the new robe!
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