While DHS always strives to allow members to do as they wish with their own time, there are some basic rules of the guild that must be observed in order to continue as a member.  On this page we maintain a codified list of the guild's rules.

  • /anon is not allowed.  Going anonymous hides your guild tag and location, and thus it is not allowed for any member.  Every member of the guild should take pride in being a member of DHS, and hiding that fact is not in the spirit of our community.  /roleplay is perfectly fine, however, and when it comes to raid time, is encouraged and sometimes required.

  • 30 days of unannounced absence will result in you being marked as inactive.  If you don't log into EQ for a period of 30 days or more, you may be subject to being marked as inactive, which can result in DKP being removed, and even your removal from the guild.  If you let an officer know about any extended period of time in which you could be away from Everquest, this will not be a problem.  We keep extensive notes on the subject and all you have to do is let an officer know; we're happy to accomodate any schedule as long as we're informed.  Active service military personnel are exempt from this policy.

  • If you are online, and a raid is called, raiding is mandatory.  We don't maintain a required raid attendance percentage in DHS and we consider ourselves very casual/family friendly.  You will never be ejected from the guild for having a low raid attendance.  If, however, a raid is called and you are online you are required to attend that raid unless you are cleared by an officer under extremely unique circumstances.

  • Play nice and be fair.  DHS prides itself on having one of the best reputations in EQ.  There is a reason we've been as successful as we have been: we attract good people.  A guild is only as good as its membership and we take great pains to attract the best players in the game.  The way we've done that is by conducting ourselves as mature adults and treating others in a fair and respectful manner.  We expect every member to maintain this level of conduct or face dire repurcussions.
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