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mangler uber alles ... im hooked
PART TWO Poll open!
VOTE on DHS 2019, id like to close the poll Friday.
Cyraus the Virussss
dang login servers timing out
Glad to hear you are doing well
still in recovery mode have fun in VEGAS!!!! wish i could go
If you are coming to Vegas, and going to dinner Saturday night, post on the **** Vegas Headcount *** Please respond if you're coming! thread this week or miss dinner!
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Vex Thal down in Era!

Gremin a posted May 3, 17

DHS kills Emperor

Gremin a posted Apr 30, 17

Cheryyl Cyraus before the new robe!

Vulak dies in era!

Gremin a posted Nov 23, 16

Grats to all who participated.

___ Congrats!

Luclin on the horizon

Gremin a posted Oct 25, 16

So we now have official word when the Luclin vote starts which is Nov 17th, and if the vote is successful which it will be then Luclin opens to Lockjaw on Nov 28th. Great news as the addition of AA to our world will make a huge difference.

In other news DHS has continued its fun in Velious with multiple weeks of double AoW kills. We are continueing to recruit to build our player base up and hope to see some returnees to the DHS family come Luclin. I leave you with this blast from the past image.

This poor dude must be lonely in Oasis now days!

Bittersweet Who let Silinius in here!?!
Silinius Grats Guys! Tough fight for sure!
Solastia Great accomplishment for us! Nice work, everyone!
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